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Going for a Walk

Dog Walking

I offer one hour walks to suit the needs of your dog.  Fees are based per household/number of dogs which provides value for money if you have more

than one dog for me to walk.  Discount is available for full time contracts.

There are a number of ways in which I am flexible and adaptable to the needs of your dog(s) such as:

  • Local countryside walks i.e. Papplewick/Linby trail, Bestwood Country Park, The Ranges to stimulate the senses and provide freedom to run safely

  • Local pavement/road walks if preferred

  • Lead/Off Lead as preferred and/or is safe 

  • Longer walks available if required

  • Basic training reinforced during walks i.e. sit, recall and lead etiquette

  • All dogs are paired up with suitable companions varying in size and breed supporting positive socialisation

Countryside walks only exercise 4 dogs or less. 

This is for the health & safety of the dogs as well as myself. 

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