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Cute Dog

Garden Play Sessions

Since moving into my house back in 2021 I have included morning garden play sessions to my week day routine.  Having a safe and secure 200ft garden is a fantastic environment for me to take what Pooches has to offer to the next level.   

Garden play sessions allow me to:

  • Introduce puppies and new dogs to the pack

  • Study puppies' and new dogs' behaviour prior to external walks (if required)

  • Allow lead dogs to sprint, dodge and trot freely 

  • Introduce and manage positive socialisation

  • Introduce and reinforce basic training to support external walks

  • Increase number of dogs I can exercise across a working day

  • Provide exercise in a safe, secure, quiet environment

  • Provide exercise in a controlled environment

Planned walks can be switched to garden play sessions if the weather isn't suitable to walk dogs in i.e. too hot - so plenty of shade, water and a paddling pool available

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